Ebola Virus

Ebola virus disease is a very serious and life threatening infection, caused by the Ebola virus.

Unfortunately, there is no such vaccine or drug, which guarantees to cure the virus completely. It depends largely on the immunity system of the patient. However, recently after a lot of research and experiment, some drugs have been manufactured, which has successfully killed the virus in some cases.

– treatment of Ebola virus disease:

Ebola Virus

1. Basic treatment

As soon as a person is infected from Ebola, some basic treatments are given to him. Generally, the survival rate is around the 50 percent mark. Initially, basic treatments like intravenous therapy ( IV ) is given to the patient, to keep him stable for some time. They help to maintain the body temperature and also monitors the pressure. In case any other infection is present inside our body, it also gets rid of it. This treatment will not kill off the Ebola virus. But it will help to keep the patient stable, before a more serious kind of treatment is done.

2. ZMapp

ZMapp has shown very promising results so far. It could be the long term solution for Ebola. Nearly $25 million has been spent so far for its manufacturing. It is basically a mix of three antibodies, which helps to neutralize the Ebola virus. It has been experimented on monkeys, and has worked successfully. Africa has made it legal to use ZMapp. In order to make this drug, first an artificially created virus is inserted inside a tobacco plant, which creates the necessary antibodies. Currently, more doses of this drug are being created to combat the Ebola virus.

3. Brincidofovir

This is another drug, which has been used to treat Ebola victims. Dr. Spencer, the first person from NY to get Ebola, was cured with the help of this drug. It is basically a tablet, which needs to be taken orally. It works as an anti virus. It prevents the Ebola virus from multiplying itself, once it gets inside the body. Chimerix is the company which is behind the manufacturing of this drug. According to them, they have enough supply to combat the virus.

Ebola Virus

4. Blood Transfusion

This is one of the best ways to treat the disease. WHO has recommended blood transfusion as the best and the easiest way to treat Ebola. Patients who has suffered from Ebola and survived it, has developed antibodies which will help others to fight the virus. They are giving their blood to the other Ebola victims. The antibodies present inside, prevents the virus from replicating itself.